Ellie Haire

Social Media Strategist

Ellie guides our clients in improving their social media engagement strategies to foster deeper connections and drive sales, web traffic and other key organizational goals. She creates and publishes high impact and original content and manages multiple social media platforms.

A critical skill set our clients highly value is Ellie’s keen public relations acumen when responding to customer service situations. Having the wisdom and ability to resolve issues before they escalate builds credibility with consumers and strengthens a brand’s reputation.

In addition to her social media skills, Ellis is also an experienced events manager. Prior to joining Parris, Ellie worked with the City of Overland Park, coordinating its parade at the Overland Park Fall Festival, attended by more than 30,000 people. She also served as Director of Marketing and Events for the Downtown Overland Park Partnership.

Ellie is a graduate of Leadership Overland Park, a program dedicated to exploring various concepts of leadership and leadership techniques. She also serves her community as a board
member of Rosedale Development Association. Her past board duties were with The American Cancer Society and Overland Park’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Council. 

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Ellie received her B.A. in Communications and Fine Arts from the University of Memphis.

Ellie currently resides in Kansas City with her husband, cats and dog.