Joni Trammell

Special Projects Manager

Joni joined Team Parris in June of 1995 and has enjoyed over fifteen years of opportunities with Parris.  Her long tenure has awarded her a vast array of activities in the world of public relations.  She has the pleasure of working for each and every client in various behind-the-scenes capacities inclusive of data collection, data processing, media outreach, problem-solving, creative support, marketing and communications efforts and event planning, management and facilitation. 

Joni brings a strong passion for youth advocacy to the team and the skills acquired through this are applied to the myriad of youth charity endeavors to which Parris contributes.  She possesses a strong sense of organization that, coupled with her dedication and tenacity, consistently leads to timely project completion and positive results. 

Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master’s degree from Baker University.  Her free time is lovingly spent with her son, Carson, and what she terms ‘the three S’s’…School, Scouts and Sports, and their two dogs Pixie and Peaches.